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Magnifying Glass actions

Impressive Magnifying Glass effects!


These actions create three impressive types of magnifying glass, which interact with your Photoshop image in real time, thus giving you an eye-catching tool you to emphasize your photos.

  • You can choose from 3 different handle styles.
  • The actions let you choose between a flat or a bent photo effect.
  • You can move the lens around and observe the changes in real time.
  • You can customize the degree of magnification and distortion to preference.
  • You can choose from a number of different backgrounds.


Licence: Commercial & home uses Strictly home uses
Different types of handles:
2 (Modern, Victorian) 1 (Plain)
Flat photo effect: yes yes
Bent photo effect: yes no
Customizable lens magnification: yes no
Customizable lens distortion: yes no
Different backgrounds: 4 (PS), 3 (PSE) 1
Price: 7.90 euros [?] 0

Example photos

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23% VAT applies to purchases from EU countries [?]


#1 Panos 2014-04-14 09:22
Please use the comments section to offer your constructive feedback.

If you need any help with the actions please check the documentation, the tutorials and the forum posts. If you still need help please post your questions on the site forum.

Thank you

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