Complete Bundle v.2022.0

The Complete Bundle v.2022.0 has been released. It contains many improvements, plus a host of new effects that are listed below.

Who's eligible for the free update?
Anyone who purchased the Complete Bundle (2021.2 or 2021.1) or any individual PanosFX product during the previous 12 months.

To update your files, please refer here:

New effects:

1. "Crystal Balls" update: The "Newton's Cradle" actions.
The amazing "Newton’s Cradle" actions have been added to the "Crystal Balls" product. They create 4 different scenes that show a Newton’s Cradle with 5 spheres. The spheres can contain the same or different photos.

2. "Impossible Photos" update: the "Impossible hearts" and "Impossible ellipse" actions
Three new impossible frames (2 impossible hearts and 1 impossible ellipse) have been added to the impressive assortment of effects you can create with the "Impossible Photos".

3. "Vector Paintings" update: new Vectorizer actions.
Two new actions were added. The "Vectorizer v.2" action creates vector art with more simplified lines and polygons. The "Vectorizer v.3" actions does the opposite: it retains the majority of the original photo details, making it appropriate for those who wish to upscale an image to a great degree, without blurring its details.

4. "Big Pictures" update: the new "Bent Filmstrips".
5 new actions were added to the product. They split your photos into several segments (4, 9, 16, 20, 25) that are converted to filmstrips, which are finally put together to reveal the original image!

5. "Jigsaw Puzzles" and "Mockups": 3D legacy versions.
Many users who own Photoshop CS6 Extended or an older CC version, asked me to make available again the 3D Puzzles (static and animated) and the 3D Books. The actions have been added back.

Newton's Cradle 1
Newton's Cradle 2
Impossible hearts
Impossible ellipse

With a little extra money, instead of one product you can get the entire collection of PanosFX add-ons!

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