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With the "Symmetry" Photoshop actions you will create impressive images that exhibit radial symmetry with multiple symmetrical folds that contain your artwork!

Click here to go to the Symmetry actions page.

calendar blog

The 2018 desktop calendar is ready! It can be downloaded for free by the site members. This year's calendar has many improvements: it displays the major lunar dates and times (full moons and new moons). It also shows the numbers of the weeks. Plus, it is available in 24 different languages, 10 more than last year!

Go to the calendar page, login and download the file. Decompress and follow the instructions in the PDF guide included in the package. Add your photos, print the calendar, fold and glue. You just created a beautiful item, which you can put on your desk or give away to your family and friends!

Available for download on this page.

cartoons blog 1

I am proudly presenting you a fantastic new product: the "Cartoons & Pop Art" actions for Photoshop & PS Elements! The actions transform your photos into beautiful cartoons, with an unprecedented quality! They let you create a wide range of effects, from funny caricatures, to pop-art collages.

Intro discount: Enter the coupon code Mickey in the checkout page, to instantly get a 15% discount.

Go to the product page to view more examples. 

animated projection screen

I prepared for you a new, advanced action, which has been added to the free "Projection Screen" set. It creates a beautiful slideshow: the animation commences with the screen rolling down softly from the projector tube; the lights dim; your photos are projected on the screen, while the projector beam flashes; when the slideshow finishes, the lights are turned on again, and the screen is retracted.

Click here to go to the action page.

If you want to learn more things about Photoshop timeline animations, and create a custom slideshow with more (or less) photos, then watch this tutorial.

create 2d animations in Photoshop

Have you tried to create animated effects in Photoshop? Does it sound difficult? It's not!

This tutorial shows you how to use the Timeline panel in Photoshop CC (or CS6 Extended) to animate normal layers, smart objects, and text layers. You'll learn the basic concepts and tools, as well as useful techniques.

Click here to get started!

new projector screen photoshop actions

photoshop 30x30 icon photoshop elements 30x30 icon

I am presenting you our latest freebie: the "Projector screen" action, which creates a beautiful projector screen from scratch. 

The new action is available for free on this page.

new reflections actions

photoshop 30x30 icon photoshop elements 30x30 icon

The "Reflections" actions is among our most popular freebies. I am presenting you an updated version, which contains the new, "6 folds" action! The new action creates a beautiful bending photo & reflection, with 6 folds.

The set is available for free to our registered members, on this page.

Create a hanging filmstrip in Photoshop

photoshop 30x30 icon

This tutorial will show you how to create an impressive image of a hanging filmstrip, using the Binder Clips actions, and the flat vertical filmstrip available in both the free & commercial versions of the "Filmstrip Effects".

The tutorial is available on this page.

Summer Photoshop styles

photoshop 30x30 icon photoshop elements 30x30 icon

I am presenting you a set of 6 beautiful, seamlessly designed layer styles inspired by summer!

The set is available for free on this page!

Filmstrip effects Photoshop actions

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The Filmstrip effects Photoshop actions have been updated! The latest version includes the new "Clapperboard" effect (added in the "Special Filmstrips set). It is available as a FREE download to anyone who owns a previous version of the product (or the Complete Bundle since November 2015).

To download, login and use the Customer control panel from the main menu. To uninstall the old version, please refer to these instructions.

25% discount code: If you wish to buy the Filmstrip Effects actions, use the code color17 in the checkout page to get an 25% discount. The intro discount is valid till July 30, 2017.

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Hundreds of effects, amazing value for money!

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