sunburst text effectThe most popular PanosFX product, the "Cartoons and Pop Art" actions have been updated with new features! The new version includes the new 'Dramatic Contrast' effect, new pop art backgrounds and other improvements!

The product runs in Photoshop CS3 or newer, and in Photoshop Elements 11 or newer.

This update is free: to download the new version, please refer to these instructions.

sunburst text effectThe "Sunburst Text effect" tutorial shows you how to use some rather neglected Photoshop filters, such as the Polar Coordinates, the Solarize and Wind filters, to create a beautiful text effect.

3d booksThe "Mockups" Photoshop actions have been updated. And what an update this is!

The "3D Books" actions for Photoshop CC and CS6 Extended have been added to the Photoshop version of the product. You will create a 3D paperback model, with fully editable front & back covers and spine!

Now you can place your beautiful books onto your Photoshop scenes, that can be viewed from any angle!

The update is free to anyone who purchased the "Mockups" or the "Books and Brochures" products.

tutorful best photoshop resource mediumTutorful, UK's online education company, named PanosFX one of the best Photoshop resources of the year.

The company conducted a survey in 60,000 tutors and students, asking them to recommend their favorite Photoshop resources. Then they shortlisted these suggestions and came up with the list of the top resources.

Proud to be in the list!

'Nested' Photoshop actionsI am presenting you a new set of free actions, called "Nested"

Click on the image below to go to the actions page, or click here.

Fire up Photoshop, turn on your printers, pick up a scissors and the glue: it's time for some fun!

Discover this month's news:

2018 1 update blog

The 2018.1 versions of our products have been released, with many improvements and new effects!
The update is FREE to anyone who's purchased the following products during the last 24 months (Photoshop or PS Elements versions):

newsletter filmstrips template

The 2018.1 version of the Filmstrip Effects Photoshop actions has been released. It contains the 'Filmstrip discs' template (pictured). The new version has been emailed for free to all buyers (even those that the free re-download period has elapsed!)

symmetry blog
With the "Symmetry" Photoshop actions you will create impressive images that exhibit radial symmetry with multiple symmetrical folds that contain your artwork!

Click here to go to the Symmetry actions page.

calendar blog

The 2018 desktop calendar is ready! It can be downloaded for free by the site members. This year's calendar has many improvements: it displays the major lunar dates and times (full moons and new moons). It also shows the numbers of the weeks. Plus, it is available in 24 different languages, 10 more than last year!

Go to the calendar page, login and download the file. Decompress and follow the instructions in the PDF guide included in the package. Add your photos, print the calendar, fold and glue. You just created a beautiful item, which you can put on your desk or give away to your family and friends!

Available for download on this page.

What's hot:

 These are the 4 most popular PanosFX products. Each one of our products includes a remarkable assortment of tools to meet a wide range of creative needs. All products are being designed carefully with attention to the detail, and are offered at a low cost:
Cartoons Photoshop actions by PanosFX

Convert your photos into incredible cartoons.

• Amazing conversion quality!
• 3 different cartoon styles.
• 8 pop art backgrounds.
• 2 pop-art collage effects.
• 18 speech balloons.
• Advanced color editing.

Photoshop version:
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PS Elements version:
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Jigsaw Puzzles Photoshop actions by PanosFX

Turn your photos into 2D & 3D jigsaw puzzles with uniques shapes!

• 14 Classic effects, available in 2D & 3D.
• 24 Special effects, available in 2D & 3D.
• Up to 210 detachable pieces.

Photoshop version:
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PS Elements version:
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Mockups Photoshop actions by PanosFX

Create a great variety of digital mockups!

• 19 Softback book templates, plus a 3D book model !
• 5 Hardback book templates.
• 15 Magazine templates.
• 10 Spiral bound pads & albums.
• 6 Brochure templates.
• 5 Vinyl records & DVDs.
• 18 Cubes (static & 3D)
• 1 Software box

Photoshop version:
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PS Elements version:
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Filmstrips Photoshop actions by PanosFX

52 beautiful filmstrip frame effects!

• 20 Flat filmstrip effects - 60 variations.
• 18 Bent filmstrip effects - 54 variations.
• 14 Special effects (from film canisters to clapperboards).

Photoshop version:
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