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We expanded the functionality of the popular "3D Bars and Tiles" free set, by adding a Photoshop action that transforms your photo into an animated object that uses its 8 bars to move forward and backward in its 3D digital world! The free set is available here.

photo corners slits over a white background

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Some users ask how they can modify the image produced by the Photo Corners - Slits Photoshop actions, so that it can be placed over a white background. This tutorial shows you how to modify the look of the 4 slits, and also tweak the border color.

Click here to go to the tutorial page.

unfolded paper photoshop actions

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The "Unfolded paper" actions is the new addition to our collection of free effects for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements!

The actions will transform your photos and Photoshop images into unfolded paper sheets.

The “Puzzle Effects” is probably the most popular PanosFX product. We had been working hard for several months to make them even better. We proudly present you the new version!

new 3d jigsaw puzzles Photoshop actions

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  • 12 new effects have been added to the "Special" actions (in both the 2D & 3D versions):
    'Spiral 64', 'Spiral 22', 'Diamond-open edges', 'Diamond', '2 Concentric circles', '4 Concentric circles', '4 identical pieces', '12 identical pieces (portrait)', '12 identical pieces (landscape)', 'Heart-14 pieces', 'Home'.

  • The '15 pieces' effect has been added to the "Classic" 2D and 3D actions.

To view examples of the new effects, please visit the product page and browse the photo galleries.


The previous version was leaving little space for customizing the 3D puzzles: you couldn't define the detachable pieces, or change the default document size. The new version lifts these constraints:
  • In most actions, every piece is now an individual 3D object that can be moved independently! Those actions that create a large number of pieces let you define up to 20 pieces that become individual 3D objects.
  • The size limitation has been lifted. Now you can create 3D puzzles of any size!


Add the product to the cart and proceed to checkout: enter the coupon code piece in the coupon field. The 25% discount will be applied instantly. Offer valid until April 30.

books brochures examples

Following many months of development, I am presenting you the new version (major upgrade) of the Books & Brochures Photoshop actions.

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Dozens of new effects, such as spiral bound albums, and magazines have been added to this popular product!
Available for Photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, CS4 and Elements 15, 14, 13, 12, 11.

Other product news:
The "Postage stamp" and "Magnifying glass" actions have been merged with the "Tablets" actions into a single product (bundle).
The "Old paper" product has been discontinued. Any customers who purchased it during the last 24 months can still re-download the last versions using the Customer control panel, from the site's main menu.

binder clips photoshop actionsAnother impressive set of Photoshop actions has been added to our collection. And it's free!
The "Binder clips" actions create binder clips from scratch. The actions create also a bonus template, showing your photo suspended using two binder clips!

The action is compatible with Photoshop and PS Elements. It is available for download here.

spooky blogGet ready for some fun. Lots of fun!

I am presenting you the "Spooky" effects: a bundle of 18 vector graphics and 1 Photoshop action. It's so easy to create your web cards or print your posters!

Available for free, for Photoshop and PS Elements here.

Split flat display photoshop actionsA new set of free text effects has been added to PanosFX! 
The Split Flap Display actions let you create two different kinds of flap displays, and show off your messages. 
The first display has a customizable date and two rows with 15 characters each.
The second display has 4 rows with 15 characters each.

The actions are compatible with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

photo in bottleUse Photoshop's (often neglected) Wine Bottle 3D mesh to create a scene showing a bottle washed up in a shore, with a photo inside.

The tutorial shows the required steps in Photoshop CC-2015.

cosmos photoshop actionsIntroducing the new "Cosmos" free actions for Photoshop and Elements.

Create amazing space scenes, with interstellar clouds, terrestrial planets & gas giants with rings, galaxies, suns, red dwarfs, and more!

What's hot:

 These are the 4 most popular PanosFX products. Each one of our products includes a remarkable assortment of tools to meet a wide range of creative needs. All products are being designed carefully with attention to the detail, and are offered at a low cost:
Cartoons Photoshop actions by PanosFX

Convert your photos into incredible cartoons.

• Amazing conversion quality!
• 3 different cartoon styles.
• 8 pop art backgrounds.
• 2 pop-art collage effects.
• 18 speech balloons.
• Advanced color editing.

Photoshop version:
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PS Elements version:
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Jigsaw Puzzles Photoshop actions by PanosFX

Turn your photos into 2D & 3D jigsaw puzzles with uniques shapes!

• 14 Classic effects, available in 2D & 3D.
• 24 Special effects, available in 2D & 3D.
• Up to 210 detachable pieces.

Photoshop version:
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PS Elements version:
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Mockups Photoshop actions by PanosFX

Create a great variety of digital mockups!

• 19 Softback book templates, plus a 3D book model !
• 5 Hardback book templates.
• 15 Magazine templates.
• 10 Spiral bound pads & albums.
• 6 Brochure templates.
• 5 Vinyl records & DVDs.
• 18 Cubes (static & 3D)
• 1 Software box

Photoshop version:
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PS Elements version:
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Filmstrips Photoshop actions by PanosFX

52 beautiful filmstrip frame effects!

• 20 Flat filmstrip effects - 60 variations.
• 18 Bent filmstrip effects - 54 variations.
• 14 Special effects (from film canisters to clapperboards).

Photoshop version:
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