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Incredibly beautiful filmstrip effects!

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photoshop-20x20-icon Photoshop CC(2017), CC(2015.5), CS6, CS5, CS4

photoshop-20x20-iconElements 15, 14, 13, 12, 11


windows-logoWindows 10, 8, 7, (64 & 32 bit)

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Licence: Commercial & home uses Strictly home uses
Flat filmstrips (horizontal) 10 actions (1 - 10 photos per strip) -
Flat filmstrips (vertical) 10 actions (1 - 10 photos per strip) 1 action (1 photo)
Bent Filmstrips 18 actions (1-10 photos, various styles) 1 action (convex strip with 1 photo)
'Film cassette' actions 3 actions (1 - 3 photos) -
'Disc' actions 3 actions (6, 8, 12 photos) -
'Loop effect 1 action (12 photos) -
'Symmetry' effects 6 actions (3 horizontal & 3 vertical styles) 1 action (3:2 horizontal)

The FILMSTRIP EFFECTS is a bundle of 3 sets of very powerful Photoshop actions. Each set creates an impressively large number of filmstrip effects, inspired by the classic 35mm film gauge.

The images produced are fully layered, making extensive use of advanced, non-destructive techniques. You can go back and edit these filmstrips just like you would do with a Photoshop template (replace one or more photos, change the colors and so on).

The biggest advantage over a template, is that you are not constrained by already-decided sizes. You tell the action your preferred filmstrip size and in a few seconds you'll get a Photoshop image that fits precisely your requirements. You can use the same action to produce a 1000 pixels wide filmstrip for a web gallery, or a 100-inches wide filmstrip for a banner! The actions will produce consistently crisp details. You won’t have to re-size the document and lose quality.

The bundle includes 3 sets of actions:

This set contains 20 actions, which produce horizontal and vertical 35mm filmstrips, using up to 10 photos. Each action creates 3 filmstrip variations. Therefore these actions create 60 different filmstrips.




This set contains 18 actions that produce a plethora of beautiful bent filmstrips, using up to 10 photos. Each action creates 3 filmstrip variations. Therefore these actions create 54 different filmstrips.

The third set contains 13 splendid actions that expand the classic filmstrip effects, creating objects such as film rolls & cassettes, or imaginary filmstrip loops & circles..

There is also a free version that includes one action from each set, for evaluation purposes and home uses.
The images used in the photo gallery were kindly provided by Shutterstock. The image IDs are as follows:
"Film Cassette": 20482656.jpg, 204826612.jpg
"The Loop": 126324038.jpg, 234662326.jpg, 234662434.jpg, 308083052.jpg, 234662443.jpg, 126368690.jpg, 102639317.jpg, 236408602.jpg, 234662482.jpg, 234662473.jpg, 234662473.jpg
"Bent filmstrip" with 5 family photos: 245635387.jpg, 243691483.jpg, 328884119.jpg, 259676963.jpg, 245377228.jpg,
"Disc" with 6 family photos: 280352666.jpg, 280370561.jpg, 280362590.jpg, 280352885.jpg, 280369475.jpg, 280362536.jpg
"B&W": 151439168.jpg, 96922619.jpg
Other photos: 292162424.jpg, 114992086.jpg, 97733726.jpg, 97733735.jpg
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very creative action
  · 18 days ago.
This created a stunning front page for a dvd cover that I am making from old cine film. I used the figure of 8 film action and tweaked to make it vertical, as original in landscape, Panos has left enough flexibility to do this. I have used other actions of his and I am more than pleased with them. Also his after care support is second to none, when I have had a problem he has been very quick to come back with a solution. I might add the problem is normally my error or photoshop needing preferences re-setting.
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Superb Action Set!
  · 8 months ago.
An absolutely awesome set of actions. Very eye catching and stands out as one of kind prints for my clients. I've used them for portraits, car show pics, and baby pics .. never any disappointments!
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