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PanosFX has been producing some of the best free and paid Photoshop actions, other presets & tutorials, since 2005. Our Photoshop actions have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of individual users and have been referred to in numerous magazines, textbooks, blogs etc., by the industry's top professionals and companies.

We are releasing new interesting Photoshop actions and tutorials usually once a month: make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you don't miss our latest news, and get 4 advanced sets of Photoshop actions for free!

Paid Photoshop actions with free trials

This category includes the commercial PanosFX Photoshop actions. For most of these products there is also a free (trial) version available for download that contains a small subset of the functions of the full version:


Pencil sketch photoshop actions
A bundle that contains two sets: the Sketch and the Engraving effects. You will convert your photos into B&W and color sketches and engravings. Each action produces 2 different Photoshop images.


jigsaw puzzles

Transform your photos into beautiful jigsaw puzzles with up to 210 detachable pieces. 28 classic effects (2D & 3D), 48 special effects (2D & 3D, and 15 animated puzzles!


cartoons photoshop actions

3 Cartoon styles; 16 balloons; 2 pop-art collages; 8 pop-art backgrounds. Convert your photos into cartoons with our most popular Photoshop actions!


filmstrips photoshop actions

Create 138 filmstrip effects: horizontal, vertical and bent strips; film canisters; clapperboards; circular strips; loops. The Photoshop actions make extensive use of smart objects that let you easily replace the filmstrip photos.



Create 70+ mockups with these Photoshop actions: 3D books; 2D books; magazines; brochures; booklets; 2D & 3D cubes; Vinyl records; DVDs.


Retro photoshop actions

Add 17 retro frames to your photos; apply 12 cross-processing color effects; apply 3 edge effects; apply 7 impressive ageing filters and make your photos look old and precious!


 VECTOR PAINTINGS Photoshop actions

Convert your photos into digital paintings made up from vector graphics, which can be scaled freely in Photoshop without loss on image quality. Create beautiful posters and banners, T-Shirt graphics, etc.


PHOTO CORNERS: SLITS Photoshop actions

Do you want to create elegant album pages? These Photoshop actions are ideal: they make your photos look mounted onto the background layer, through beautiful corner slits. The product includes an impressive assortment of different slits, as well as different photo frames.


BIG PICTURES photoshop actions

A bundle that contains the "Big Pictures" & the "Image Merger" actions. The "Big Pictures" cut your photo into individual polaroids that are being put together in various creative ways, to reveal the original image. The "Image Merger" actions merge several photos in a row, a column, or in a grid.

Free Photoshop actions

Here are some examples of our wide collection of free Photoshop actions:


Reflections free Photoshop actions

This set produces 11 unique reflections effects with elegant details. You can create classic reflection effects, water reflections, as well as complex scenes.


PHOTO and ENVELOPE free Photoshop actions

Create a scene that shows a paper envelope with your photo sliding out from its open top flap. The animated version lets you create impressive MP4 slideshows.


PAGE CURLS free Photoshop actions

Create 4 beautiful page curl effects. You can change the size of the curls and place them on any photo corner. You can even add different curls on the same photo!


OUT OF BOUNDS free Photoshop actions

Create easily the Out of Bounds (or Pop Out) effect, where parts of your photos appear to pop out from the frame. The set creates two different effects (flat & curled photos).


PROJECTION SCREEN free Photoshop actions

Create a projection screen from scratch and display your photos on it. The animated version produces an impressive slideshow with a retractable screen and light beam effects!

BENT PHOTOS Bent Photos free Photoshop actions

Use these free Photoshop actions to turn your photos into visually powerful, bent polaroids with very elegant shadow effects. 3 different styles included.

What else you can find on PanosFX

Aside from Photoshop actions, you can download other add-ons, such as free Photoshop brushes and styles. You can browse our Photoshop tutorials that will help you master Photoshop's advanced features and learn to use our add-ons more creatively.

Check our latest Photoshop extensions

Vector Paintings Photoshop actions - update
SKETCH & ENGRAVE: new features!

The new version improves dramatically the rendition of dark areas in the second sketch style as well as the look of the color sketches!

PanosFX jigsaw puzzles
"A Cosmic Outline"

A new, ethereal effect has been added to the COSMOS free Photoshop actions. It blends your photos with your custom space images!

PanosFX filmstrips
The new SKETCH & ENGRAVE effects!

Photoshop actions craftsmanship at its finest: Create extraordinary B&W and color Sketch and engrave effects!

free Photoshop actions: 2020 calendar
The 2020 free calendar has been released!

24 languages, prism and wall versions, with customizable colors and photos and lunar phases: It's awesome and free!

Photoshop actions: 3D books
New 3D Books Photoshop actions

Four new 3D Book actions for Photoshop CC have been added to the features-packed "Mockups Bundle".

Free Photoshop actions: Animated Photo and Envelope
Animated "Photo and Envelope"

The "Photo and Envelope" effect gets animated: create beautiful slideshows and videos in Photoshop CC and CS6.

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Check our latest Photoshop tutorials

Visit the 3D Facebook photo tutorial page
Out of Bounds: New video tutorial

A new video tutorial that shows you how to use creatively the Out of Bounds free actions for Photoshop / Photoshop Elements.

Visit the 3D Facebook photo tutorial page
Create a 3D Facebook photo!

Learn how to create these fancy 3D Facebook photos, using Photoshop / Photoshop Elements.

Visit the Vector Badge tutorial page
Working with vectors: create a badge

Learn vector graphics tips & tricks by creating a badge from scratch (free action included).

Visit the stitched text and graphics tutorial page
Stitched text and graphics!

Turn any text / shape into hand-sewn graphics!

Visit the Styles to Edge effects  photo tutorial page
From layer styles to edge effects

This Photoshop CC tutorial teaches you an innovative way to create photo edges and borders from layer styles.

Visit the Edge effects with the Cutout filter photo tutorial page
Edge effects using the Cutout filter

An easy method to create beautiful, layered photo edge effects in a few seconds, using the Cutout filter.

Visit the Festive text Photoshop tutorial page
Festive text

Create impressive winter, festive layer styles in Photoshop CC

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I'm Panos Efstathiadis and I'm the owner of, one of the most prominent sources of high-quality add-ons for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Since 2002, when I uploaded my first work on the Adobe Exchange, my add-ons have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users. As of today, my "Reflections" Photoshop actions is the most downloaded add-on on the Adobe Exchange!

My effects and tutorials have been presented in many magazines in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, etc, such as the Shutterbug, Adobe Magazine, MacWorld, Photoshop Creative, Digital Photographer, Docma, DigitalPHOTO, and have been referred to by famous professionals, such as Joe Farace (Contributing Writer / Photographer, Shutterbug magazine), Scott Kelby (President of the NAPP), John Nack (Principal Product Manager at Adobe), Richard Harrington (world-renowned expert in motion graphic design & owner of RHED Pixel), and others.

tutorful best photoshop resource smallThe site has also been presented in many text books (such as: Richard Harrington's: 'Understanding Adobe Photoshop', Joe Farace's: 'Getting started with digital imaging', Lesa Snider's: 'Photoshop: The missing manual' series,  Barbara Brundage's: 'Photoshop Elements: The missing manual' series), and have been referred to in many websites.

Tutorful, UK's online education company, named PanosFX one of the best Photoshop resources of the year 2018, having first conducted a survey in 60,000 tutors and students.

What the top professionals say about

My hats off to Photoshop expert Panos Efstathiadis, who continues to amaze me with the incredible stuff he comes up with.
Scott Kelby
CEO, Kelby Media
Every time I think I know the limits of what one can do with Photoshop…
John Nack
Product Manager, Digital Photography, Google
Incredible Photoshop actions from the talented
Richard Harrington
RHED Pixel owner
PanosFX is one of my favorite websites offering high-quality inexpensive and free software.
Joe Farace
Photographer, Shutterbug columnist
Outside of Photoshop Exchange, the place that has the most useful and creative actions for me, is PanosFX.
James Dempsey

In this section you will find answers to frequent questions about our products. If you need more help, please contact us by using the respective link at the site footer.

How exactly does the check-out process work?

The checkout process is easy and straightforward. PanosFX uses the shopping cart services by Sendowl is a very popular e-commerce platform.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to purchase your products?

Not necessarily. When the customer is redirected to PayPal to pay, they are given 2 options: pay with a PayPal account or pay as a guest using a credit card (that is: without registering a PayPal account). When the payment is completed the customer will be given the option to register with PayPal, if they wish.

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Is the payment secure?

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We use PayPal to process the payments, because is the most popular and trusted payment processor worldwide! No information about your credit / debit card is communicated from PayPal to PanosFX.

Note also that our entire site is encrypted, to keep all communications between your computer and our server safe and secure.

How will I receive the products and how do I re-download them?

Upon completion of payment, you will be forwarded to the download page. Just click on the download link to receive your files. In addition, an email with the download link will be sent to your email address. To re-download the product files in the future, simply send us a request. You may re-download the products for free, for 2 years after the purchase date. Thereafter you can ask to get a discount code if you wish to upgrade to the latest product version.

How do I receive my invoice?

You will receive a PDF invoice by email in the next few days after your payment. If you don't receive it, check your junk folder or contact us!

Do I pay any taxes?

  1. No taxes apply if you are a non-European Union customer.
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  3. If the purchase is made for a VIES-registered EU company, please enter its VAT number in the checkout page, to exclude VAT.

Will your products run on my Photoshop version, or my OS (Windows / macOS)?

Photoshop actions, brushes, PSD templates, etc. are 'OS agnostic', that is: the same file can be opened both on a Mac and a PC.

Please make sure that your system configuration (Photoshop version, amount of RAM and video RAM) meets the minimum compatibility requirements, as shown on each add-on page. Finally, if you use Photoshop CC, make sure that your graphics card is supported by Adobe.

What are the differences between the free and the commercial add-ons?

There are two kinds of Photoshop add-ons offered at

  1. The paid add-ons with free trials.
    This category contains our paid add-ons. For most of these add ons there is also a free (trial) version available for download, with limited functionality. You can use the trial version for evaluation purposes, or with any non-commercial projects. However if you want to use the add-on commercially, you must purchase the full version.
  2. The free add-ons.
    These add-ons (actions, brushes, etc.) can be used freely on any home & commercial projects.

You can read more information about using our add-ons, in our Terms of Service.

How do I install the add-ons?

The files are distributed in zip format. If you don't know how to install them in Photoshop or in PS Elements, please refer to these installation instructions.

What is your upgrades / updates policy?

There are two kinds of new version releases: updates and upgrades:

  • A product update adds minor enhancements that improve the operation of an existing product version. Updates may also provide fixes for certain features that aren’t working as expected. Product updates are released more frequently and are free of charge.

  • A product upgrade is a new product version, which offers major changes and improvements over the current product version. Product upgrades are released less frequently. Product upgrades are not provided free of charge (unless PanosFX decides so). Owners of older product versions may purchase the latest version at a discounted price, determined by PanosFX.

As a customer of PanosFX, you are given a free re-download period that lasts 2 years after the purchase. When this period is over you can continue using the files you purchased. Owners of an older version qualify for a special discount, whenever they wish to upgrade to the latest version. Just send us a request and we will email you back the discount code.

Re-download your product files

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If you purchased a product as a guest (without logging in), please scroll down and read the instructions for guest purchases.

You can freely download the latest updates for your product version for up to 2 years after the purchase date. When this period is over, the customer control panel will display a warning for the particular transaction. You can continue using the product files for as long as you wish; whenever you want to upgrade to the latest product version, send us a request and we will email you back a discount code (coupon).

Downloading the product files using the Customer Control Panel:

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STEP 2: Click the 'Customer Control Panel' link above the site's main menu.

STEP 3: Click on 'My Downloads'.

STEP 4: To download the latest product versions, click the product filenames under the 'Files' column.

Uninstalling older versions:

To uninstall the previous version please refer to these instructions.

Instructions for Guest purchases:

If you purchased the product as a guest (without registering / logging in) the transaction won't show up in the customer control panel because it is not linked to a user account. If you wish to download the latest updates for your product version, use one of these two options:

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