I contributed my first set of Photoshop actions to Adobe's Photoshop Exchange in 2002. Within a few days my first submission reached the top of the most popular and highest rated lists. Been driven by the acceptance and popularity of my works I released a number of new effects most of which reached the top at the Exchange (the 'Big Pictures' & 'Puzzle effects' topped the lists for 5 years).

In 2005 I decided to create this site. Since then PanosFX.com has become a very popular destination for Photoshop & Photoshop Elements users from all over the world, who seek high-quality, low cost or free Photoshop add-ons and other Photoshop resources. The site offers dozens of free and commercial sets of actions, as well as a bunch of free training resources such as tips, text and video tutorials.

My effects and tutorials have been presented in many magazines in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, etc, such as the Shutterbug, Adobe Magazine, MacWorld, Photoshop Creative, Digital Photographer, Docma, DigitalPHOTO, and have been referred to by famous professionals, such as Joe Farace (Contributing Writer / Photographer, Shutterbug magazine), Scott Kelby (President of the NAPP), John Nack (Principal Product Manager at Adobe), Richard Harrington (world-renowned expert in motion graphic design & owner of RHED Pixel), and others.

The site has also been presented in many text books (such as: Richard Harrington's: 'Understanding Adobe Photoshop', Joe Farace's: 'Getting started with digital imaging', Lesa Snider's: 'Photoshop: The missing manual' series,  Barbara Brundage's: 'Photoshop Elements: The missing manual' series), and have been refered to in many websites.

What the top professionals say about PanosFX.com:

My hats off to Photoshop expert Panos Efstathiadis, who continues to amaze me with the incredible stuff he comes up with.
Scott Kelby
CEO, Kelby Media
Every time I think I know the limits of what one can do with Photoshop…
John Nack
Product Manager, Digital Photography, Google
Incredible Photoshop actions from the talented PanosFX.com.
Richard Harrington
RHED Pixel owner
PanosFX is one of my favorite websites offering high-quality inexpensive and free software.
Joe Farace
Photographer, Shutterbug columnist
Outside of Photoshop Exchange, the place that has the most useful and creative actions for me, is PanosFX.
James Dempsey
Columnist, Macworld.com