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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the free PanosFX addons.

I am unable to download certain freebies. Where is the download button?
Most PanosFX addons are freely available to everyone. In addition there are certain advanced effects (e.g. the OoB actions) that are available for download to the site's members only. To download them you need to login first. Registration with PanosFX is completely free. If you haven't logged in, the following button appears instead of the download button:
Login using the link at the top of the page. The download buttons will show up immediately after you login.

Can I use the free actions commercially?
There are two kinds of add-ons on PanosFX:
  • The freebies, located under "FREE DOWNLOADS" on the menu.
    These effects can be used freely on any home & commercial projects
  • The trial/purchase add-ons, located under "PREMIUM DOWNLOADS" on the menu.
    These are the more advanced effects, for both pro users and enthusiasts. Some of these add-ons have a trial version available for download. You can use the trial version for evaluation purposes, or with any non-commercial projects. However if you want to use the add-ons commercially, you must purchase the full version (which of course has many more features).

Will your add-ons run on my Photoshop / PS Elements version or my platform (Windows / MacOS)?
One of the great advantages of Photoshop actions is that they are platform independent. You merely need to check if the particular effect is compatible with your Photoshop version. This information is displayed on each add-on page. Here on PanosFX we test all actions on a variety of different platforms and Photoshop versions.

How do I install the add-ons?
The actions are distributed as zip files, for Photoshop and PS Elements respectively. If you don't know how to install the files please read these installation instructions.

I can't unzip the downloaded file
There is an issue with your decompressing utility. Try to use another program, such as the popular 7-zip from
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