Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the free PanosFX addons.

I am unable to download certain freebies. Where is the download button?

Most PanosFX add-ons are freely available to anyone. In addition, there are 4 advanced add-ons (the "Reflections", the "Projection Screen", the "Photo and Envelope", and the "Desktop Calendar") that are given away to the anyone who subscribes with our newsletter.

To download them, please go to the newsletter subscription page and subscribe by providing your email address only (you can opt-out at any time). As soon as you confirm your subscription, you will receive a thank-you email that contains the download links to these 4 add-ons.

What are the differences between the free and the commercial add-ons?

There are two kinds of Photoshop add-ons offered at PanosFX.com:

  1. The paid add-ons with free trials.
    This category contains our paid add-ons. For most of these add ons there is also a free (trial) version available for download, with limited functionality. You can use the trial version for evaluation purposes, or with any non-commercial projects. However if you want to use the add-on commercially, you must purchase the full version.
  2. The free add-ons.
    These add-ons (actions, brushes, etc.) can be used freely on any home & commercial projects.

You can read more information about using our add-ons, in our Terms of Service.

Will your products run on my Photoshop version, or my OS (Windows / macOS)?

Photoshop actions, brushes, PSD templates, etc. are platform independent: the same file can be opened both on a Mac and a PC.

Please make sure that your configuration (Photoshop version, amount of RAM and video RAM) meets the minimum compatibility requirements, as shown on each add-on page. Finally, if you use Photoshop CC, make sure that your graphics card is supported by Adobe.

How do I install the add-ons?

The Photoshop add-ons (actions, brushes, styles) are distributed as downloadable zip files, for Photoshop and PS Elements respectively.

If you don't know how to install Photoshop actions please refer to the installation instructions for Photoshop or for Photoshop Elements.