To view your purchases and re-download the files, you need to login first. If you can't login, please refer to these instructions.

If you purchased the products as a guest (without registering), read the instructions for guest purchases, below.

You can freely re-download the latest updates of your product version, for up to 2 years after the purchase date. When this period has elapsed, the customer control panel will display a warning for the particular transaction. You can continue using the product files as long as you wish; whenever you want to upgrade to the latest product version, send us a request and we will email you back a discount code (coupon).

Download the files using the Customer Control Panel:

STEP 1: Click the 'Login/Register' link at the top of the site and sign in.

STEP 2: Click the 'Customer Control Panel' link (there are two links, at the top and at the bottom of any page).

STEP 3: Click on 'My Downloads'.

STEP 4: Now you can see all purchases you made since February 2015, when the new e-shop commenced. To download the latest available product versions, click the product filenames, under the 'Files' column!


Instructions for guest purchases:

If you purchased the product as a guest (that is: without registering with the site) the transaction won't show up in the customer control panel because it is not linked to a user account. If you wish to re-download any product update available, you have two options:

  1. Register with the site, using the same email address you used to purchase the products; all guest purchases will be immediately linked to your account and will appear in the customer control panel.
  2. If you wish to re-download the files without registering, please send us an email. Note that the free re-download period lasts for 2 years, beginning on the purchase date.

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Awesome photoshop effects!
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I've been using Panos Photoshop effects since 2015. There is so much variety and they are super easy to use! I've purchased the complete bundle. The best part is that Panos keeps enhancing the effects and offers free upgrades for 2 years! Great work. Looking forward to using these 2018 effects now.
Panos: Please keep creating newer and newer effects for us to consume
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Photoshop Actions
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The best Photoshop actions I have seen. Fantastic!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
I love these actions
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These actions are awesome.  It helps me out with my photography business.
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