photoshop 20x20 iconPHOTOSHOP:

  • 2D actions:
    CC-2019, other CC versions, CS6, CS5, CS4
  • 3D actions:
    CC-2019, other CC versions, CS6 Extended
Recommended configuration for 3D:
OS: Windows 64bit, macOS
RAM: 12Gb or more
Video RAM: 2Gb or more

photoshop elements 20x20 iconPHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS:

  • 2D actions:
    2019, 2018, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11
3D is not available in Photoshop Elements


Windows 10, 8, 7, (64 & 32 bit)
macOS, Mac OS X

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photoshop 20x20 iconPHOTOSHOP VERSION:
3D Bars & Tiles v.2019.1
Released: December 16, 2018

photoshop elements 20x20 iconPS ELEMENTS VERSION:
3D Bars & Tiles v.2019.1
Released: December 16, 2018

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Photoshop version: PS Elements version:
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The "3D Bars & Tiles" actions create three beautiful static 3D effects, turning your photo into a collage made up from eight 3D bars, 5 domino tiles, or 16 tiles respectively. In addition the actions create an animated version of the "3D bars" effect where your image is transformed into an animated object that uses its 8 bars to move forward and backward in its 3D digital world!

  • The Photoshop version contains the 3D actions (for CC and CS6 Extended) and the 2D actions (for the non-Extended PS versions).
    - The 3D actions produce a customizable 3D scene; you can use the 3D tools to modify the 3D scene to your liking.
    - The animated 3D actions produce an seamlessly loopable animated clip.
    - The 2D actions create a "fake" 3D image.

  • The Elements version contains the 2D actions only (3D is not available in PSE).

The image used in the gallery is kindly provided by Shutterstock. The image ID is: 125141930.jpg

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