Your 2022 Calendar

Create amazing, personalized, desktop and wall calendars.
Available in 30 languages, with the power of Photoshop's data sets!

Operating System: Windows, macOS
Photoshop (max: CC, min: CS4)
Photoshop Elements (max: 2022, min: 15)

v.2022.1, rel: Oct.27, 2021


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Detailed description:

The 2022 version of the popular PanosFX Calendar lets you create 2 different types of personalized calendars, which you can keep or give away to your family and friends:

  • A beautiful desktop calendar that has the shape of a triangular prism. Each one of its three facets depicts 1 photo, 4 months and the week numbers.
  • A monthly wall calendar that includes also the dates of the previous and next months, as well as room for your notes.

You can customize the photos, the calendar colors, the fonts. Each calendar type (prism, wall) comes into 2 sizes (A4 and US Letter). Each size comes into 2 versions, with the week starting on Sunday and Monday, respectively.

The PSD templates make use of Photoshop's advanced "Data sets" feature, allowing you to instantly translate your calendars to 30 different languages!

NOTE: The calendar PSD templates and actions are provided for free, strictly for non-commercial uses. If you wish to use the actions commercially, you need to contact us to get a license.

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