Shred and Reunite

Re-creating an interesting collage technique in Adobe Photoshop: what happens if you cut a photo into hundreds pieces and then re-assemble them in a special way?

PC & Mac
Photoshop (max: CC 24.0.1, min: CS3)
Photoshop Elements (max: 2023, min: 15)

v.2022.0 (January 9, 2022)


shred and reunite action


Detailed description:

The actions re-create in Photoshop a special technique that is applied to a paper photo to produce a unique collage. The technique produces interesting, artistic results, especially on face portraits.

How this technique works (don't worry, my action will perform all these steps automatically):
In real life, you start with shredding a paper photo into X strips of equal width. My actions let you shred digitally your photo to 40 or 80 strips:
shred into 80 stripes
Then the strips must be re-arranged this way: first you put together the odd-numbered strips. Then you continue with rejoining the even-numbered strips. The result would look like this:
reunite first step

You rotate the photo 90° and you repeat the above steps (cutting and re-uniting). At the end, you will get a collage of 4 photos that retain the features of the original photo.

The collage is made up from small blocks that contain the pixels of the original photo. Each one of these blocks is unique:

final collage

Here's an example of the 160 pieces collage, which looks more vague and artistic:

final collage 160pcs

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