At first I recommend that you create a folder called "PanosFX" in your hard disk. You will use this folder to store any PS Elements add-ons you download from This approach will help you maintain an organized collection of add-ons.

My PS Elements actions are distributed as downloadable zip files. To use the actions, you must unzip these files first. A folder containing the actions will be created upon decompressing the zip file. Move this folder into the general "PanosFX" folder. You may now delete the zip file you downloaded from my site. In the case of commercial actions you are advised to keep a backup of the zip file.


The actions panel is an interface that allows you to load, run (execute), create, store Photoshop actions. You must work in Expert mode in order to access the Actions panel. To switch to Expert mode click the respective button at the top of work area:
If the panel is not visible select Window > Actions from Photoshop’s main menu.

Photoshop actions are contained within actions sets: when you load an actions file in the actions panel, the actions set name is displayed along with a little yellow folder on its left. You can also see the actions contained in this set. A set may contain one or more actions.


The image below shows the actions panel and highlights the four steps you need to follow, in order to load and run actions in PS Elements:pse11-actions-panel

  • Click the options button in the upper-right panel corner (step 1) to reveal the options pop-out menu.

  • Select "Load Actions" (step 2). Navigate to the folder where you saved the actions and load the file.

  • Select an action from the set (step 3).
    Notice that the actions set shows up at the top, with a yellow folder icon to its left. A set may contain one or more actions. If necessary, click the little triangle to the left of the yellow folder icon to expand the set's actions. 

  • Click the Play button (step 4).

NOTE: If you click on the folder icon instead of an action within the set, the Play button will appear grayed out!

Alternative ways of loading actions in Photoshop Elements:

  • Use Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) to navigate to the actions folder and double click the action thumbnail. Photoshop Elements will start if it is not already open and the actions will be loaded in the actions panel.  If PSE doesn't start, then for some reason the .atn files are not associated with PSE anymore. In this case please refer to your OS instructions to re-associate the .atn files with PSE.

  • You can drag the action file thumbnail(s) onto Photoshop Elements' work area (PC, Mac) or you can drag them onto the PSE dock icon (Mac). The actions will be loaded automatically in the actions panel.
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