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PanosFX Bent photos Photoshop actions

Bent photos

Use these Photoshop actions to turn your photos into visually powerful, bent polaroids with very elegant shadow effects. 3 different styles included.

PanosFX Complete Bundle of Photoshop actions

Complete Bundle 2019.3

The Complete Bundle contains the entire collection of our professional Photoshop actions, offered at 50% off. It includes 9 products and hundreds of best-quality actions. Amazing value for money!

PanosFX Text & Shape Effects

Free Text & Shape Effects

A collection of funny, creative effects that will transform your custom text & vector shape layers into a variety of different objects.

Cartoons and Pop Art photoshop actions

Cartoons & Pop Art

Turn your photos into beautiful cartoons with an amazing conversion quality. Add 16 speech balloons; 6 different pop-art backgrounds; create 2 pop-art collages, and more!

PanosFX Nested Photoshop actions


These effects will create a complex scene that shows 8 boxes that draw out from each other, showing your photo on their surface. 2 different versions are included.

PanosFX Jigsaw puzzles Photoshop actions

Jigsaw Puzzles

Turn your images into beautiful jigsaw puzzles with up to 210 detachable pieces. The product creates 14 classic puzzle effects (2D & 3D), 24 special effects (2D & 3D, and 15 animated puzzles!

PanosFX Stiickers and Tapes Photoshop actions

Stickers and Tapes

The "Stickers" effect places your photo on a round sticker; its upper-right part is being curled up. The 'Clear tape' effect mounts your photo to the background with sealing tapes.

PanosFX Mockups Bundle Photoshop actions

Mockups Bundle

An amazing collection of 70+ mockup making Photoshop actions: create 2D & 3D books, brochures, booklets, magazines, 2D & 3D cubes, Vinyl records, DVDs. 

PanosFX Interweaving photo strips Photoshop actions

Interweaving photo strips

The interweaving photo strip effects are very impressive, yet difficult to create manually. With this set you'll create the effect in seconds. Plus, you can apply a range of different styles.

PanosFX Filmstrips Photoshop actions


Create 138 different filmstrip Photoshop templates inspired by the classic 35mm film gauge.

PanosFX Split flap displays Photoshop actions

Split-flap displays

Create split-flap displays (a.k.a. Solari boards) with your custom text. The set produces two different effects with customizable colors.

PanosFX Big Pictures Photoshop actions

Big Pictures

Photo collage maker with lots of different effects.

PanosFX Binder clips photoshop actions

Binder clips

Create two different binder clips from scratch and use them in your projects. The actions create also a PSD image that shows your photo being suspended by two binder clips..

PanosFX Retro Photoshop actions

Retro Photoshop actions

The Retro actions include a host of retro frames, banners, cross-processing and aging effects, plus a beautiful jewel template!

PanosFX Cosmos Photoshop actions


Create spectacular space scenes from scratch: star-fields, interstellar clouds, red dwarfs, spiral galaxies, gas giants and terrestrial planets, moons, plus a fully 3D model of Saturn!

Vector Paintings photoshop actions

Vector Paintings

This product will turn your photos into digital paintings made up from vector graphics, which you can resize to create huge posters, T-Shirt prints, etc.

PanosFX Print-Cut-Glue Photoshop actions

Print > Cut > Glue

Let's do some paper work: design, print, and glue beautiful personalized objects, such as paper photo cubes, photo pyramids and paper envelopes.

PanosFX Photo Corners Slits Photoshop actions

Photo corners-Slits

Make your photos look mounted onto the background through 20 beautiful corner slits.

PanosFX Chromantic Photoshop actions


Apply 7 beautiful color processing effects to your photos.

PanosFX Impossible Photos Photoshop actions

Impossible Photos

Turn your photos into optical illusions. Apply 6 effects that make use of the so-called “impossible objects”.

PanosFX Symmetry Photoshop actions


Create impressive images that exhibit radial symmetry

PanosFX Reflections Photoshop actions


This set produces 11 unique reflections effects with elegant details. You can create classic reflection effects, water reflections, as well as complex scenes.

PanosFX Fan Photoshop actions


Turn your photos into hand-held fans. 3 different styles available.

Free Photoshop actions - 2020 Calendar

2020 Calendar
Photoshop Actions & templates

Create 2 different types of calendars (desktop & wall). Add your photos, customize the colors, create a beautiful gift. Available in 24 languages!

PanosFX Spooky Photoshop actions and shapes

Halloween Photoshop actions:

Halloween-inspired vector graphics and actions

free Photoshop actions - Photo and envelope

Photo and envelope

Create a scene that shows a paper envelope with your photo sliding out from its open top flap. The animated version lets you create impressive MP4 slideshows.

Free Photoshop actions - unfolded paper

Unfolded paper

Transform your images into unfolded paper sheets.

PanosFX Page Curls Photoshop actions

Page Curls

Create 4 beautiful page curl effects. You can change the size of the curls and place them on any photo corner. You can even add different curls on the same photo!

PanosFX ASCII Art Photoshop actions


Create ASCII-art images from your photos. 4 effects included

PanosFX 3D Bars & Tiles Photoshop actions

3D Bars & Tiles

This set creates 3 impressive effects: your photo is transformed into a collage made up from 3D objects such as bars and tiles. The animated version transforms your photo into an animated robot!

PanosFX 3D Flags & Curtains Photoshop actions

3D Flags & Curtains

Transform your 2D photos into 3D drapes and 3D flags!

PanosFX Projection Screen Photoshop actions

Projection Screen

Create a projection screen from scratch and display your photos on it. The animated version produces an impressive slideshow with a retractable screen and light beam effects!

Photoshop actions - Old goodies collection

Old goodies collection

A collection of old, yet very good effects.

PanosFX Animated snow Photoshop actions

Winter Photoshop actions:
Animated Snow

Turn Photoshop into a snowmaking machine! You will create mesmerizing, seamless animations with snowflakes falling on your photos. 3 variations are included in the set: snowfall, snowglobe, card.

PanosFX Summer Photoshop styles

Summer styles

6 free layer styles inspired from the summer and the sea.

PanosFX Snow globes Photoshop actions

Winter Photoshop actions:
Snow globes

Create two beautiful snow globes and put your photos inside! Fully layered PSD images with impressive elements such as ice, snowflakes, etc.

PanosFX Coffee stains Photoshop brushes

Coffee stains
free Photoshop brushes

4 coffee cup rings and 3 coffee splash brushes

PanosFX Light Bulb Photoshop actions

Winter Photoshop actions:
Light Bulb

This effect creates a scene that shows an old-fashioned light bulb with your photo inside. Two different styles are included (ordinary bulb and winter bulb).

Pre-Classical Greek art Photoshop brushes

Pre-Classical Greek art
free Photoshop brushes

Photoshop brushes inspired from the pre-classical Greek art.

PanosFX Out of Bounds Photoshop actions

Out of Bounds

These actions simplify the steps needed to create the very popular Out of Bounds effects, where parts of your photos appear to pop out from the frame. Flat & curled versions available.


Premium Photoshop actions with free trials

This category includes the advanced, commercial PanosFX Photoshop actions.

For most of these products there is also a free (trial) version available for download, that contains a subset of the functions of the full version. You can use it for evaluation purposes, or with any non-commercial projects. If you want to use the add-on commercially, you must purchase the full version.

Free Photoshop actions

Hooray! You've reached our large collection of free Photoshop actions. Here you will find hundreds of creative effects that will turn ordinary photos into eye-candy images.

USAGE: The Photoshop actions in this category can be used both in your home or commercial projects, except for the "Calendar" that requires a permission to use it in commercially). The "Reflections", "Calendar", "Projection Screen" and the "Photo & Envelope" sets are offered exclusively to the subscribers of our newsletter. The email with the download link will be sent to you as soon as you confirm your subscription.

Free Photoshop brushes and styles

Free Photoshop brushes and Photoshop layer styles that can be used in any home & commercial projects.


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