Photoshop skills: Intermediate
Compatibility: Photoshop CC

This tutorial shows you how to create impressive text styles in Photoshop CC, which you can use for your festive cards, etc. Among others, we will apply multiple stroke effects and patterns (a feature presented in Photoshop CC). All patterns used are included in Photoshop's default libraries.

The video's native resolution is 1920x1080: click on play, change the resolution and switch to full screen mode.

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An elegant textual tutorial; thanks for the clarity of the presentation.
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Making Text exciting
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What a GREAT Tutorial, Panos. Thank you so much!
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  • kerusson 2018/12/01
    Elegant styling, thanks for the clarity of your tutorial.
  • Bob Hendren 2018/12/01
    Elegant styling; thanks so much!