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Complete Bundle - 2014 edition

Get the complete collection of PanosFX products, SAVE 50% and also save money on your FUTURE purchases.

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23% VAT applies to purchases from individuals from EU countries [?]


The PanosFX Complete Bundle is a 50% discount bundle that lets you get the full range of our products in one download, at an amazing price. A bounty of unique actions characterized by many professionals and users as the best of their kind, will give your images an exceptionally professional look.


  • You will save 50% (the discount has already been applied to the bundle price)
  • You will be getting exclusive discounts on any future action releases from PanosFX.com (via discount codes)
  • It's an incredible value for money!



The current edition of the Complete Bundle includes the following products (in alphabetical order):
  1. Big Pictures & Matrix Collages
  2. Books - Brochures - Boxes
  3. Comics
  4. Cubes (2D & 3D)
  5. Fimstrip Frames
  6. Magnifying Glass
  7. Old Paper
  8. Photo Corner Slits
  9. Postage Stamp
  10. Puzzle Effects (2D & 3D)
  11. Retro
  12. Tablet Frames



Photoshop version: 68.90 € [?]

Elements version: 67.40 € [?] 

The Elements version lacks the 3D actions.
23% VAT applies to purchases from individuals from the European Community. [?]


Demo video

Example photos

Download the files

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23% VAT applies to purchases from EU countries [?]


Some of the images used in the photo galleries were kindly provided by Shutterstock. The Shutterstock image IDs are as follows: 113873335.jpg, 14719738.jpg, 42985576.jpg, 54664264.jpg, 80528617.jpg, 94105165.jpg 109468409.jpg, 110623592.jpg, 112520234.jpg, 117220882.jpg, 102882011.jpg, 81530962.jpg, 44372323.jpg, 48675868.jpg, 106535006.jpg, 114136597.jpg, 1539423.jpg. One of the Vintage Photo examples is a courtesy of Pit Hermann.


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