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Free & paid Photoshop actions, templates, brushes, styles, and tutorials!

PanosFX excels in offering a wide range of Photoshop actions, brushes, styles, and templates, aiding designers, photographers, artists, and hobbyists in creating efficient, professional-grade designs.

PanosFX is the creative hub founded by Panos Efstathiadis, a distinguished Greek graphics artist. Since 2002, Panos has been a driving force in the world of Photoshop add-ons, consistently delivering top-tier products. His dedication to quality and innovation has resulted in several of his add-ons soaring to the top of Adobe's Exchange popularity lists.

PanosFX Photoshop add-ons have been featured in numerous magazines and textbooks worldwide and endorsed by leading professionals in the digital imaging industry.

Image processed with the "Engrave & Sketch" addon

What type of content is available on PanosFX?

You can spend days exploring the numerous add-ons that produce hundreds of effects and watching Photoshop tutorials.

You may start with browsing the following categories of Photoshop add-ons:

  1. The commercial/freemium Photoshop actions as well as the numerous free Photoshop actions
  2. The Photoshop templates
  3. The free Photoshop brushes, styles, patterns and gradient fills.
  4. The "COMPLETE PanosFX" that contains all premium add-ons and templates, at a small fraction of their cost.

For training & documentation, you can browse these categories:

  1. The Photoshop tutorials and the 'Creative Ideas' sections.
  2. The products documentation & the freebies documentation sections.
  3. The troubleshooting section

Our most recent news:

Find below our latest announcements about new and updated add-ons & tutorials. To browse our news history, visit the blog section of PanosFX.

Free Photoshop actions, brushes, styles:

We have an extensive collection of free Photoshop actions and free Photoshop brushes and styles that produce hundreds of creative effects for Adobe Photoshop. Below you can find 8 recommended free sets of Photoshop actions.

Photoshop Tutorials:

  • Our Photoshop tutorials section contains several video and text tutorials that will help you develop your skills and master Photoshop's advanced features.
  • The tutorials in the Creative ideas section show you how to use our add-ons more creatively.

Find below 9 recommended tutorials from both sections:

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