bent photos -new effects

The free "Water Reflection" effect has been added to the "Reflections" actions for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements!

The "Reflections" are our most popular free Photoshop actions. The set is given away for free to anyone who subscribes to the site's newsletter.

multiple photos with slits

This tutorial shows you how to use the new "Photo Corners - Slits" actions (the Photoshop version) to create a page that contains multiple photos mounted to the background with corner slits.

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

bent photos -new effects

A new action with the odd name "] & [" had been added to the free "Bent Photos" set for Photoshop and Elements. It produces two interesting effects.

To download it, please visit the "Bent Photos" page.

product updates

3 popular products have been updated:

The Photoshop version of the "Photo Corners-Slits" has been redesigned, allowing you to easily add various photos with slits on the same document, and create impressive compositions and album pages (like the image on the left).

The new version of the very popular Cartoons & Pop Art actions includes certain improvements and fixes for photos with transparency.

The new version of the Jigsaw Puzzles actions makes it much easier to tweak the thickness of the pieces' bevels.

sunburst text effectThe most popular PanosFX product, the "Cartoons and Pop Art" actions have been updated with new features! The new version includes the new 'Dramatic Contrast' effect, new pop art backgrounds and other improvements!

The product runs in Photoshop CS3 or newer, and in Photoshop Elements 11 or newer.

This update is free: to download the new version, please refer to these instructions.

sunburst text effectThe "Sunburst Text effect" tutorial shows you how to use some rather neglected Photoshop filters, such as the Polar Coordinates, the Solarize and Wind filters, to create a beautiful text effect.

3d booksThe "Mockups" Photoshop actions have been updated. And what an update this is!

The "3D Books" actions for Photoshop CC and CS6 Extended have been added to the Photoshop version of the product. You will create a 3D paperback model, with fully editable front & back covers and spine!

Now you can place your beautiful books onto your Photoshop scenes, that can be viewed from any angle!

The update is free to anyone who purchased the "Mockups" or the "Books and Brochures" products.

tutorful best photoshop resource mediumTutorful, UK's online education company, named PanosFX one of the best Photoshop resources of the year.

The company conducted a survey in 60,000 tutors and students, asking them to recommend their favorite Photoshop resources. Then they shortlisted these suggestions and came up with the list of the top resources.

Proud to be in the list!

'Nested' Photoshop actionsI am presenting you a new set of free actions, called "Nested"

Click on the image below to go to the actions page, or click here.

Fire up Photoshop, turn on your printers, pick up a scissors and the glue: it's time for some fun!

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