cartoons march 2019 update

The "Cartoons & Pop Art" is the most popular PanosFX product. I am presenting you the 2019.2 update, which can be downloaded for free by anyone who owns a previous product version. The updated version creates 3 different cartoon styles (2 in the old version). The new style has a glossier look with less intense sketch lines, as shown in the image above.

To download the latest version please refer to these instructions.


Credits: Example photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

bokeh 500

The "Bokeh Lights" is a new set of actions for Photoshop CC. The set contains two actions: the first one creates a random bokeh background from scratch, which you can use as a bokeh overlay, a wallpaper, etc. The second action is called "A touch of lights": it creates bokeh light discs that follow the outlines of the photo subject.

Click here to visit the "Bokeh Lights" page.


Credits: Example photo by Joe Gardner on Unsplash

Golden frame Template

A beautiful Photoshop template has been added to the "Retro" actions! Just open the PSD file and place a photo of your preference on a jewel with a golden frame with diamonds!

If you purchased the "Retro" or the "Complete Bundle" during the last 24 months, you are eligible for free update: follow these instructions to download the latest version:

Click here to visit the "Retro" page.

cutout edges 500px

Learn to create beautiful, layered edge effects for your photos, in a few seconds, using the Cutout filter.

Click here to visit the tutorial page.

edges layer styles 500px

This Photoshop CC tutorial teaches you an innovative way to create photo edges and borders from layer styles.

Click here to visit the tutorial page.

2019 Calendar

The 2019 version of the very popular PanosFX calendar has been released! It's a gift for the new year to the subscribers of the site's newsletter.

  • If you are already a subscriber, use the download link that was emailed to you in the November newsletter. Alternatively, you can go to the newsletter subscription page, unsubscribe and re-subscribe, to receive the updated files.
  • If you haven't subscribed to our newsletter, visit the 2019 Calendar page and follow the instructions.

festive text in Photoshop CC

This tutorial will show you how to create impressive, festive text layer styles in Photoshop CC, using the default program libraries!

Click here to visit the tutorial page.

vector paintings example

I am proudly presenting you an amazing new product: the "Vector Paintings" actions for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements! The actions transform your photos into beautiful paintings and then they convert the bitmap graphics to vectors! The result is an image that has a beautiful, distinctive look, whose size you can re-scale freely.

Introductory discount: Enter the coupon code PATH2019 in the checkout page, to instantly get a 20% discount (valid till December 31, 2018).

Go to the product page to view more examples. 

bent photos -new effects

The free "Water Reflection" effect has been added to the "Reflections" actions for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements!

The "Reflections" are our most popular free Photoshop actions. The set is given away for free to anyone who subscribes to the site's newsletter.

multiple photos with slits

This tutorial shows you how to use the new "Photo Corners - Slits" actions (the Photoshop version) to create a page that contains multiple photos mounted to the background with corner slits.

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

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