Photoshop tutorials for beginners and advanced users.

The Photoshop tutorials in this section will help you study and master features such as 3D, animation, vectors, filters.
These tutorials aim to:

  • help you develop your skills, by introducing you to more advanced Photoshop features.
  • show you alternative, creative uses of features that you use regularly.

easy 3d text in Photoshop CC

3D text using Layer styles

This tutorial will show you how to apply a 3D look to your text in Photoshop CC by using a combination of layer styles.

Photoshop 2D Timeline animations explained

2D Timeline animations explained

Learn how to use the Timeline panel, to animate normal layers, smart objects, and text layers.

create 3D objects with transparent areas in photoshop

Learn how to create 3D objects with transparency

An advanced tutorial that shows you how to to create 3D objects with transparent areas

Convert Photoshop text & shapes to stitched graphics

Convert text & shapes to stitched graphics

Blue jeans are always cool. This tutorial is very cool also! You will learn how to convert your custom text and vector shapes into amazing stitched graphics in Photoshop.

Create a vector badge in Photoshop

Working with vector graphics:
create a Photoshop badge

This tutorial will introduce you to the wonderful world of Photoshop vector graphics, by showing you how to create a badge which is made up entirely from vectors.

Create 3d moon and planets in Photoshop

Create 3D models of the moon and the solar planets!

Learn how to create a 3D moon & 3D planets in Photoshop CC and CS6 Extended

Sunburst Text Photoshop effect

Create an impressive sunburst text effect

Create a sunburst text effect in Photoshop

Festive text effects for Photoshop CC

Festive, winter text effects

Learn how to create very beautiful winter text layer styles for your Christmas cards, in Photoshop CC!

Photo in a bottle Photoshop tutorial

Create a 3D bottle from scratch and place a photo inside

Learn how to create a bottle in Photoshop CC and put your photo inside

Create a 3D Facebook photo

Photoshop tutorials:
Create a 3D Facebook photo

Have you seen those fancy pseudo-3D photos in Facebook posts? This tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to create a 3D Facebook photo in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

blend-if layer style parameters

Understanding the Blend-If parameters

This tutorial will help you understand how the "Blend If" settings work.

Photoshop tutorial: Set your text on fire

Set your text on fire!

Learn how to add impressive flames and smoke to your text in Photoshop CC

Photoshop tutorial: "Botanical" text effect

"Botanical" text effect

Convert your custom text characters into bushes and trees in Photoshop CC!

Explaining the relation between layers styles and resolution in Photoshop

Layer Styles & document resolution

Understanding how the document resolution affects the appearance of layer styles.

warp text along photoshop path

Warping text around vector paths

Learn how to put text on simple or complex vector paths.

Edge effects using the Cutout filter

Edge effects using the Cutout filter

Are you looking for creative edge effects? This tutorial will teach you how to create impressive photo edges using Photoshop's Cutout filter.

edge effects with photoshop masks

Create edge effects using mask filters

Learn how to apply Photoshop filters to layer masks to produce creative photo edge effects.

Layer styles to edge effects

Using layer styles to create edge effects for your photos

This tutorial shows you an unusual and very interesting way to produce edge effects for your photos, using layer styles!

Add textured backgrounds in PHotoshop

Add beautiful textured backgrounds

Do you need textured backgrounds for your projects? Create them in a few seconds!

Using the Adaptive Wide Angle Photoshop filter

Understanding the 'Adaptive Wide Angle' filter

Learn how to use the adaptive wide angle filter in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorials: replace the face of Mona Lisa

Replace Mona Lisa's face

Learn how to replace the face of Mona Lisa in Photoshop.


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