Creative ideas using our Photoshop actions

When the execution of my Photoshop actions is completed, your original photo has been transformed into a beautiful, new image. You can stop here and use this image directly in your on-line galleries or in your albums. You can also move on and use these images as an ingredient in your magical creations. You can create more complex compositions, animations, and so forth!

I created this section of Photoshop tutorials in order to trigger your creativity, to give you some ideas of what you can create with my Photoshop extensions.

Puzzle sphere with transparent pieces

Create a puzzle sphere with transparent pieces

Create a 3D puzzle sphere and make some pieces transparent.
Hanging filmstrip

Hanging filmstrip effect

This tutorial will show you how to create an impressive image that shows a hanging filmstrip suspended by a binder clip.
Create an animated projection screen in Photoshop

Create an animated projection screen

Learn how to create an animated projection screen.
animated fan Pictures to Exe

Animate the hand fan using Pictures to Exe

Create a photo slideshow using my 'Hand fan' action and 'Pictures to Exe AV Studio 10'.
Album pages with many photos with corner slits

Create a beautiful album page

This tutorial shows you how to create an album page that contains multiple photos with different slits.
Use the Slits actions over a white background

Use the Slits actions over a white background

How to use the Photo corner Slits actions on white backgrounds.
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