How to complete your order and receive your products

1. Login or buy as a guest:

login, register, buy as a guest

When you proceed to the checkout page, you will see these 3 available options:
Buy as a Guest

Note: If you had logged in prior to proceeding to checkout, the first option will be activated automatically.

To complete your order, you need to select one of these 3 options.

It is highly recommended that you login prior to completing your order: your products will be linked to your PanosFX user account.

You will be able to use the Customer Control Panel to download easily the future updates for your products, view your orders, etc.

If you wish to login but you don't have a user account, click on "Register" to create a new one now. Fill in the form and hit "Click to Register".

A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Confirm your registration and you'll be returned to the checkout page immediately, to complete your purchase.

Buy as a Guest:
Finally you may choose to buy as a guest, that is: without logging in.

Since guest purchases are not linked to a user account, you won't be able to use the customer control panel to download the latest product versions in the future.

2. Paying and receiving your products:

Fill in all required information in the checkout page. Scroll down, review and accept the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, and hit "Click here to Complete your order".

You will be redirected to PayPal to make your payment safely. There, you will be given two payment options:

Pay with your PayPal account:

Just login and complete your purchase.

If you don't want to use PayPal, you can pay with your debit / credit card:

Click on "Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card" under the login button, and complete your purchase without having a PayPal account:
paypal pay with debit credit card

Receive your products:

Immediately after PayPal processes the payment, an email with the download links will be sent to:

  • The email address you used to register with PanosFX.
  • If you purchased the product as a guest, the email will be sent to your Paypal email address.

In addition, you can use the Customer Panel to re-download the files of the products you purchased.

If you need more information, please contact us.

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