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Add binder clips to your photos!

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The PanosFX "Binder clips" free Photoshop actions create two different binder clips, with flat or folded handles, respectively. In addition, the actions create a beautiful template showing your photo being suspended using two binder clips!

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  · 7 months ago.
Astonishing how you guys come up with  winners each time. In-Flippen-credible!!!
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You Did It Again! WOW!
  · 7 months ago.
Don't know how you do it man but you keep on turning out winners!! You must dream of new projects all the time because your ideas are amazing. So glad my photos met your work...thanks for all you do for us!
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Binder clips.
  · 7 months ago.
Another very innovating action. Always fun to see what you will come up with next. Thank you very much.
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