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Interweaving strips

The interweaving photo strips effects are impressive, yet difficult to create manually in Photoshop. With these free Photoshop actions you'll create them in seconds.

Photoshop: Max= 2024 (v.25.0.0) Min=CS4
Photoshop Elements: Max=2023, Min=15
PC & Mac, all Photoshop Languages




Detailed description:

The Interweaving Photo Strips effects are very impressive. Creating them manually in Photoshop takes time. These actions create the effect in a few seconds.

  • There are 4 groups of core actions, optimized for the following aspect ratios: 1:1, 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9.
  • The 'extras' actions let you apply a pattern overlay or re-edit the shadows .
  • Diagonal and horizontal strips.
  • Specially designed cropping shapes.

GALLERY PHOTO CREDITS: The photos used in the gallery were kindly provided by Shutterstock. Their IDs are: 180776918.jpg, 194990669.jpg, 153510998.jpg, 128587721.jpg

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