Create Halloween-themed animations and static images with these free Photoshop actions and Adobe Illustrator vector shapes.

PC & Mac
Photoshop (max: CC 24.0.1, min: CS4)
Photoshop Elements (max: 2023, min: 15)
Animation actions: (max: CC 24.0.1, min: CS6 Extended)

v.2022.0 (January 10, 2022)


  • Spooky halloween-themed free photoshop actions


Detailed description:

The PanosFX "Spooky" is a bundle that contains a set of Photoshop actions and 18 Halloween-inspired vector silhouettes designed in Adobe Illustrator.

The actions set contains 2 Photoshop actions:

• The "Spooky Skies" action creates the background that you can use to build up your Halloween images. It creates a new document that contains 4 different spooky skies (gradient fill layers). Turn them on / off and activate the one you prefer to use. Then place any of the 18 vector shapes included in this add-on. using the File > Place (Embedded) command.

• The "Animated Spooky Scene" action creates an amazing animated clip that lasts 40 seconds: witches fly all over, graves and arms emerge from the ground, spiders attack flying bats, and the show goes on!

The "Spooky shapes" folder contains 18 different vector silhouettes (a haunted house, bats, the moon, a crow, a cat, an evil pumpkin, a flying witch, bats, yellow eyes, graves, etc). You can place them over your Halloween images using the "File > Place Embedded" menu command.

The "Animated Halloween Scene" Photoshop tutorial shows you how to use the actions and the shapes to create your funny, spooky animations!

With a little extra money, instead of one product you can get the entire collection of PanosFX add-ons!

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