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Transform your images into unfolded sheets!


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The magic touch of the "Unfolded Paper" Photoshop actions will transform your photos and Photoshop images into unfolded paper sheets. The set includes two different effects. The various effects are contained in different layers, allowing you to customize the final image to your preference.


The image used in the gallery was kindly provided by Shutterstock. The image ID is: 48675868.jpg
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Another Captivating Action!!
  · 1 months ago.
I've been using the Unfolded paper action with my landscape nature photography images and even with some of my Senior Portraits .. what it does for the images is so awesome..my clients continue to be amazed at the uniqueness of the work that I can provide for them thanks to your actions .. can't wait to see what you do next
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  · 2 months ago.
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