Winter Wonderland

Create awesome animations and still images, with snow falling and mist rolling in your photos, or snow falling inside beautiful snow globes or light bulbs!

PC & Mac
Photoshop: max: 2023 (v.24.1.1), min: CS3
Photoshop Elements: max: 2023, min: 15

v.2023.0.2, rel: December 22, 2022

winter wonderland Photoshop actions


Detailed description:

The "Winter Wonderland" is a bundle that contains two groups of effects: the animated and static effects:


These actions create loopable clips, which you can share on your social media or use in any of your projects:

  1. Snow falling on your photos, with moving mist and zoom & pan effect!
  2. Animated snow globe (tall)
  3. Animated snow globe (short)
  4. Animated light bulb


These actions create still images:

  1. Snow falling on your photos, with additional mist and fog.
  2. Snow globe (tall)
  3. Snow globe (short)
  4. Snowy light bulb

Animation - examples:

Create loopable animations of beautiful snow globes and snow bulbs:

Create loopable animations with moving mist and falling snow:

Still images - examples:

Mist, only:

mist, still image

Snow and mist:

snow and mist, still image

Still snow globes:

still snow globes

Still snow bulb:

still snow bulb

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