How to uninstall older (or trial) versions of PanosFX actions

  • Photoshop: CC, CSx
  • Photoshop Elements: 15 or newer
  • Easy

If you have installed an older version of a certain set of actions, I recommend you remove it prior to installing the new one.

Here's how to do it:

STEP 1: Unload the old version from the Actions Panel:

If the actions are loaded in the actions panel, please select the actions set (1). Then click on the panel's trash icon to unload it (2):
how to unload an actions set from the actions panel

Note that this won't delete the actions files from your hard disk. It will merely unload the actions from Photoshop. To delete the files, please proceed to step 2.

STEP 2: Delete the old version from your hard disk:

Navigate to the folder where you keep the PanosFX actions files. If you don't remember where you stored the files, perform a file search:

  • Mac users: press Ctrl-space to invoke Spotlight; enter pfx (for file versions prior to 2021) or panosfx (for file versions from 2021 onwards) and wait a few seconds. When the search is complete, scroll down and click on "Show all in Finder".
  • Windows users: open File Explorer. Navigate to the root directory of your hard disk (e.g. C:). Enter pfx (for file versions prior to 2021) or panosfx (for file versions from 2021 onwards) in the search box at the upper-right corner. Hit the Enter key and wait a few seconds.

Select the old (or trial) file versions and delete them.

STEP 3: Download the new files and load them in Photoshop:

Download the latest version from PanosFX. Save the zip file into the folder where you keep the PanosFX files and decompress it. Finally, load the actions in Photoshop or in Photoshop Elements, using the menu button on the upper-right corner of the Actions Panel.

Note: if you prefer to store the actions in Photoshop's "Presets/Actions" folder, restart Photoshop. The PanosFX actions will show up in the flyout window, when you click the menu button of the Actions Panel. Click on a set's name to load it in the Actions Panel.

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