Crystal Balls 'n Bubbles

Turn your photos into gorgeous lensballs, crystal orbs, or even bubbles! You can choose to apply the effect to the entire photo, or to a custom area of the photo.
Bonus: the "Sparkles and Flares" brushes, which will add beautiful touches to your orbs and other Photoshop projects!

Operating System: Windows, macOS
Photoshop (max: CC, min: CS4)
Photoshop Elements (max: 2022, min: 15)

v.2021.2.5 (October 28, 2021)

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Crystal balls 'n bubbles Photoshop actions
Crystal balls 'n bubbles Photoshop actions

About the product:

  • The “Crystal Balls 'n Bubbles” actions for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements turn your photos into gorgeous crystal spheres and bubbles. You can choose to apply the effect to the entire photo, or to a custom area of the photo.
  • The “Sparkles and Flares” is an additional set of brushes, which you can use to add beautiful sparkles and lens flares to your glass sphere images.

The final Photoshop images are fully layered: the layers are grouped in layer groups for your convenience, allowing you to tweak the look of the orbs very easily. The actions make extensive use of non-destructive tools, such as smart filters, adjustment layers, offering additional flexibility in modifying the looks of these images.

Apply the effect to the entire photo or to a custom selection:

The first action creates a sphere using the pixels of the entire photo:

Crystal ball from entire photo

The second action gives you more freedom: you define a custom circular selection, which is then transformed into an orb:

Photoshop crystal sphere - apply to custom selection

The third action lets you create multiple bubbles:

Photoshop bubbles

3 different default styles:

By default, the actions create 3 different crystal ball styles.

  • The first two styles resemble a lensball (a compact glass ball).
  • The third style looks like an orb made of thin glass, or a bubble.

You can choose the style you prefer mostly for the particular photo and tweak it further to your taste. The actions offer you an impressive range of tools, to alter the looks of these orbs.

Photoshop crystal sphere - 3 styles

Flipped version:

When you look through a real lensball, the background appears flipped, both horizontally and vertically. If you want a more realistic look, you can apply this effect with a click of a button.

Photoshop crystal sphere - real lensball

Additional distortion:

You can create copies of the crystal ball, with additional, customizable degree of distortion.

Photoshop crystal sphere - exra distortion


Give your orbs iridescent qualities!

Photoshop crystal sphere - Iridescence

Apply creative effects:

Create a custom selection and hit a button to turn it into a photo enclosed into a crystal sphere!

Photoshop crystal sphere - extra effects

Facebook profile photo:

You want a cool Facebook profile photo that will impress your friends? There is an action that does the trick for you!

facebook profile photo creation

"Sparkles and Flares" high resolution brushes

The product includes the high resolution "Sparkles and Flares" brushes for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Use them to add elegant touches to your crystal orbs. Plus, you can use them in numerous other Photoshop projects!

Photoshop brushes - sparkles and flares

The following video shows you how to load and use the "Sparkles and Flares" brushes in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements:


The PDF user guide is available on the product documentation page.

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