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Postage stamps

Turn your photos into postage stamps; create photo collages made of various stamps; add different, customized postmarks, create beautiful envelopes.

Photoshop: Max=2024 (v.25.9) Min=CS4
Photoshop Elements: Max=2024, Min=15
PC & Mac, all Languages

v.2024.1 (November 28, 2023)

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Detailed description

The Postage Stamp actions contains 3 groups of Photoshop actions:

  1. The first group is called 'SOLO STAMP'. These actions let you turn a photo into a postage stamp.

  2. The second group is called 'CREATE A COLLAGE MADE OF STAMPS'. With these actions you can convert one photo into a collage made from stamps of various shapes.

  3. The third group is called 'ADDITIONAL ACTIONS'. These creative actions let you create digital envelopes from scratch, and add various customizable postmarks to your images.
Postage stamp photoshop actions panel


These actions let you create postage stamps of landscape, portrait or square shape. At first you define the preferred stamp size and then you add your photo and text.

Solo Stamp actions - examples


The actions in the second group work differently. They create photo collages with stamps of various shapes being put together to reveal one photo.

There are 6 different actions, producing 6 different types of collages:

Portrait + Portrait

Landscape + Square

2 x (Square + Square)

2 x (Landscape + Landscape)

2 x (Portrait + Portrait)

2 x (Landscape + Square)


The actions in the third group let you create additional design elements, which you can use with your stamps.

There are 4 postmark-making actions, which create two different round postmarks, an air-mail postmark and a waved pattern.

All postmark layers are made of vector graphics, allowing you to resize them freely without losing quality. You can also double click any of their layers and customize the postmark color to your liking.

photoshop postmarks

Finally, the third group contains two actions that create from scratch envelopes of landscape and square shape.

You define the envelope size, its color and texture, the color of the surrounding blocks.

Horizontal envelope
square envelope

In summary, the PanosFX "Postage Stamps" Photoshop actions offer a variety of tools for creating impressive projects inspired by traditional postage stamp themes.


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