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Ribbed Glass

This add-on produces a very distinctive effect, showing your photos through ribbed glasses, with visually appealing reflections and refractions.

Photoshop: Max=2024 (v.25.9) Min=CS4
Photoshop Elements: Max=2024, Min=15
PC & Mac, all Languages

v.2024.3.0 (May 22, 2024)

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Detailed description:

The "Ribbed Glass" actions produce a very distictive aesthetical effect that simulates the captivating effect of viewing your photos through ribbed glass. The customizable reflections and refractions create an engaging interplay of light, shadows, and textures!

You can choose from 5 different glass types with denser or less dense ribs, which you can apply to the entire photo or to a custom area:

50 ribs

50 ribs

40 ribs

40 ribs

30 ribs

30 ribs

20 ribs

20 ribs

15 ribs

15 ribs

You can make the effect even more appealing, by adding two different types of 3D 'openings' to your ribbed glasses: circular and/or rectangular 3D openings:

circular opening with 3D effect (customizable size and location)

circular opening with 3D effect
(customizable size and location)

40 ribs - lesspronounced texture

rectangular openings
(customizable size and location)

The ‘Shinier ridges’ action emphasizes the glass ridges’ texture, making them look shinier. You can customize the intensity of the effect to your preference:

shinier ridges

The ‘Colored Glass’ action is the last action of the set. It lets you add color to the transparent glass:

glass color

With the 'Ribbed Glass' actions you can tranform your ordinary images into visually stunning compositions!


This PDF user guide explains in detail how to use the "Ribbed Glass" actions for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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