Vector Paintings

Convert your photos into digital paintings made up from vector graphics, which can be scaled freely in Photoshop without loss on image quality. Create beautiful posters and banners, T-Shirt graphics, etc.

  • Operating System:
    Windows, macOS
  • Photoshop :
    CC → CS3
  • Photoshop Elements : 2021 → 11
  • For Photoshop:
  • For Photoshop Elements:



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Send us up to 3 photos of high resolution (at least 2000 x 1500 pixels); we will email you back a few examples created using these actions:

Detailed description:

The Vector Paintings Photoshop actions will convert your photos into paintings made up from vector graphics. These images can be scaled freely in Photoshop without loss on image quality. This allows you to use any photo, even a small one, to create a very large artistic poster or even print it on a T-Shirt. You can also use these effects to transform your photos to cartoons that have a distinctive look.

vector paintings before
vector paintings after

The core action of the set is called the "Vectorizer". There are two different versions of the "Vectorizer" action: version 1 and version 2

  • The first version runs across a wide range of Photoshop versions (CC down to CS3, and Elements 2020 down to 11). It creates more artistic vectors with more 'fluid' edges, producing great results with most photos.
  • The second version runs in Photoshop CC-2015.5 or newer. The images produced by this action retain more details from the original photo.

How they actions work: The "Vectorizer" action will turn your photo into a painting and will then convert its bitmap graphics to vectors. The "Resize Image" action contained in the product lets you change the size of the vectorized images to your preference, without losing quality! This way you can create large posters for your clients or your friends.

vector paintings Photoshop actions rendition 1
vector paintings Photoshop actions rendition 2


The PDF user guides and video tutorials are available on the product documentation page.

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