How to type text around vector paths

  • Photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3
  • Intermediate

Photoshop offers you some very cool type features. One of them is the ability to warp your text around a vector path. You can use the pen tool to draw a path from scratch or you can use a custom shape. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to get the effect done.

1. In this example I pressed U until I selected the Ellipse tool. Then I held down the Shift key and drew a circular vector path:



2.Press T to select the Text tool. Move the cursor upon the circle. The cursor changes its shape. Click and type your text:

Put text on a path in Photoshop, step 2


3.When finished typing press Enter to confirm. Then press A to select the Path Selection Tool from the toolbar. Move the cursor upon the text. The cursor shape changes to a double-headed arrow:

Put text on a path in Photoshop, step 3


4. Drag to the left / right to reposition the text on the path:

Put text on a path in Photoshop, step 4

5. Drag inwards / outwards to reposition the text inside / outside the path:

Put text on a path in Photoshop, step 5

That's it. You can use the pen tool to draw a curve. Then use the above steps to place your text along this curve.

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