The new Jigsaw Puzzles

After months of development, the new version of the ever popular Jigsaw Puzzles actions has been released! The actions have been re-worked from the ground-up with a bunch of new features, shapes and functions being added.

What's new:

The changes vs the 2021 version are so many, I'll summarize the most important ones:

  • The new "Box and Puzzles" set of actions with 8 different effects!
  • New shapes added to the "Special Puzzles":
    - "Concentric - 4 circles", "Concentric - 5 circles", "Diamond - 1 piece", "Flower - 6 pieces", "Hexagons" with 7, 19, 37, and 61 pieces, "Spirals" with 93 pieces and 131 pieces, "Single circle", "Star".
  • Each "Special puzzle" action now produces 3 different effects:
    - Laying and floating puzzles, puzzle imposed over the original photo.
  • New layouts added to the "Classic Puzzles":
    "360 pieces", "2 pieces", reworked the 4, 6, and 15 pieces actions.
  • The new "Faux-3D" functions let you give your puzzles a quasi-3D look, which is great now that Adobe removes 3D from Photoshop!
box and puzzle
special puzzles
classic puzzle

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