Photoshop skills: Advanced
Compatibility: Photoshop CC

The second action in the free "Projection Screen" set, creates a 60-seconds slideshow using 10 photos of your preference. Some of you may want to create a custom slideshow with more, or less photos.

This tutorial will show you how to use the set's first (static) action to create an animation, which commences with the screen rolling down softly from the projector tube; the room lights dim and the projector displays your photos, while its light beam flashes. At the end, the room lights are switched on, and the screen retracts into the tube again!

If you are not familiar with the basic concepts and tools about Photoshop timeline animations, I recommend you watch the "Photoshop 2D animations explained" tutorial first. In this tutorial you will learn some more advanced techniques (e.g. how to create video groups, how to use and customize transitions, etc).


The video has no sound; instructions are provided via callouts. The video's native resolution is 1920x1080: click on play, change the resolution and switch to full screen mode.

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Great action and directions
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Great action and superb step-by-step directions that facilitate understanding this PS CC tool for other ideas. Thanks, Panos!
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Animated projector screen Slide Show
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This is an excting method of displaying a small slide show. I think a written pdf tutorial would make it more useful though so, perhaps I might write one!
Excellent work Panos.
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  • Panos 2017/09/11
    Ron and Alli, thank you very much for taking the time to comment, and for your suggestions!
    I am actually in favor of using PDF tutorials, to present / describe topics that are more advanced and require more attention to details. The reason I decided to prepare a video tutorial in this case, is that it was about animation. As for the text callouts, I am using them instead of narration because it is much easier to go back and edit the tutorial. It's also easier for non-English speakers to follow the video.
  • Alli 2017/09/11
    Great work! I would have loved to hear someone talking us through the process which would have made it even better for me. The written portion I think is a good idea as well. Thanks Panos, another great action!.