Magnifying Glass

Create a magical magnifying glass effect whose details change dynamically!

Operating System: Windows, macOS
Photoshop : CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3
Photoshop Elements : 2021 to 15

v.2021.1, rel: August 8

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Detailed description:

The action creates a beautiful, dynamic magnifying glass effect: the magnified image you see through the lens changes as you move it over the photo.

The images produced by the actions are 'smart': for example, you can change the photo after the action is complete: the scene elements (the magnified version of the photo, its normal and magnified reflections) will be updated immediately.

The core action produces two different images, with the photo and its reflection being in-focus or out of focus:

crisp and blurred photos

You can change the size of the magnifying glass at any point:

change lens size

You can change the degree of the image magnification:

change magnification

You can replace the image and the background contents. The reflections and the magnified images will be updated automatically:

change background

With the "Magnifying Glass" free actions for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, you will create very interesting scenes with your photos, while having fun!

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