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Cartoons & Pop Art

Convert your photos into cartoons with our the most popular PanosFX Photoshop actions!
State of the art photo cartoonizer with pop-art making functions: 3 Cartoon styles; 16 balloons; 2 pop-art collages; 8 pop-art backgrounds.

Photoshop: Max=2024 (v.25.0.0) Min=CS3
Photoshop Elements: Max=2023, Min=15
PC & Mac, all Photoshop Languages

v.2023.1.1 (February 20, 2023)

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PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions - 3 different renditions
PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions - cartoonized image of a young woman
PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions - cartoonized version of a woman's portrait
PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions - cartoonized young couple photo
PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions - speech and thought ballons
PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions:  pop-art backgrounds
PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions: warhol-style collage with 4 photos
PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions: family photo cartoon
PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions: young woman photo cartoon
PanosFX Cartoons Photoshop actions: cartoon of Venice canals

Detailed description:

The "Cartoonizer" is the core action of the product. It creates 3 different cartoon renditions. The first is richer in details and is more colorful; the second is more minimal with flatter colors, while the third has less intense sketch lines and more accented edges.

Rendition #1
Rendition #2
Rendition #1

Selecting the right photos:

To produce great cartoons, you need to select the right photos. For best results, follow these rules:

portrait distance

Portrait photos:
To cartoonize a portrait, prefer a photo that has been taken from a short distance.

light quality

Light quality:
Avoid photos shot under poor lighting conditions or photos taken under 'hard' light.

image sharpness

Avoid using blurred photos. Use photos of objects with sharp details and clear edges.

Color adjustments:

The software lets you make selective color adjustments to the final cartoon image. By altering certain color tones, you can give your cartoons an impressive, abstract look:

Selective color adjustments

Pop-art backgrounds:

Does your image have a transparent background? Fantastic! Not only you can convert it to a cartoon and preserve the transparency; you can add 8 different pop-up backgrounds that can be switched on / off:

 popart collages:

8 popart collages:

Pop-art collages:

You can turn a cartoon with transparent background into a pop-art collage inspired by Andy Warhol's style. The product creates two different pop-art collages with 4 and 9 tiles. The size of these collages is 4 times and 9 times the original photo size, respectively: you can print the collage in a large format printer and impress your friendscustomers with your pop-art posters:

cartoons popart collages

16 balloons:

Do you want to spice up the cartoon with speech balloons? The Photoshop and Photoshop Elements actions produce 16 different balloons of customizable color! They are designed in Illustrator and you can resize them freely as many times as you wish, without losing quality:

photoshop cartoon speech balloons


If you have Photoshop CC, or Photoshop Elements 15 or newer, you can use the PanosFX "Cartoons" to create funny caricatures:

photoshop cartoons carticature


The PDF user guides and video tutorials are available on the product documentation page.

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