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Billboard templates

This bundle includes two stunning billboard Photoshop templates.

Photoshop: Max=2024 (v.25.9) Min=CS4
Photoshop Elements: Max=2024, Min=15
PC & Mac, all Languages

v.2024.1 (November 28, 2023)

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Detailed description:

This bundle offers two diverse and eye-catching billboard Photoshop templates:

Single Billboard template:

This easily customizable PSD template allows you to place your photos and graphics onto the digital screen of an outdoor billboard (3000 x 2000 pixels).

In the Photoshop version, the screen graphics are placed within a smart layer for easy editing. For Photoshop Elements users, a dedicated Photoshop action simplifies the process of adding and editing screen graphics.

The template also features a textured layer for a realistic overlay on your graphics. You can adjust its opacity and blending mode to suit your preferences.

template details

Billboards Corner template:

This PSD template  (3000 x 2250 pixels) features four customizable panels:

  • Two large vertical digital panels.
  • Two smaller panels on the left side of the template.

Easily add your content to these panels to create a stunning theme.

In the Photoshop version, screen graphics are within a smart layer for easy editing. For Photoshop Elements users, there's a dedicated Photoshop action for simplified graphic editing.

Additionally, four texture layers sit atop the panels, providing a realistic digital overlay on your graphics. Adjust their opacity and blending mode to your liking.

Billboard corner template with images
billboard photoshop template
billboards corner Photoshop template
billboard photoshop template 2

How to use the Photoshop version:

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