photoshop 20x20 iconPHOTOSHOP:

  • 2D actions:
    CC, CS6, CS5, CS4
  • 3D actions:
    CC, CS6 Extended
Recommended configuration for 3D:
OS: Windows 64bit, macOS
RAM: 12Gb or more
Video RAM: 2Gb or more

photoshop elements 20x20 iconPHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS:

  • 2D actions:
    PSE 2018, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11
3D is not available in PS Elements


Windows 10, 8, 7, (64 & 32 bit)
macOS, Mac OS X

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photoshop 20x20 iconPHOTOSHOP VERSION:
Complete Bundle v.2018.1.1
Released: February 10, 2018

photoshop elements 20x20 iconPS ELEMENTS VERSION:
Complete Bundle v.2018.1.1
Released: February 10, 2018

FILMSTRIP EFFECTS - Flat, bent, special filmstrips; dozens of different, effects!

Full Photoshop version: Full Elements version:
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Note: The trial version contains a small subset of the effects available in the full version.


The Complete Bundle is a combined product: it contains the entire current collection of our commercial Photoshop actions, offered at an amazing price: 50% less than you would spend if you bought all of them separately!


  • You get hundreds of Photoshop actions and you save 50%.
  • Whenever a new product is released, you will be given the highest intro discounts.
  • It's an incredible value for money! You will get a bounty of unique actions referred to by top professionals and users as the best of their kind!


The current edition of the Complete Bundle contains the following products (listed in alphabetical order). Most of these products are also bundles that contain multiple sets of Photoshop actions:

Big Pictures:

Big Pictures The product contains the 'Big Pictures' and the 'Image Merger' sets. The 'Big Pictures' actions cut a photo into smaller pieces and then merge them together in various creative ways. The 'Image Merger' actions let you stitch different photos, in columns, rows, or in a matrix.

Cartoons and Pop art:

cartoons Unbeliavable cartoon conversion! Transform your photos into incredibly beautiful cartoons; create pop up posters & caricatures; add beautiful vector bubbles!

Cubes and Boxes:

cubes Create 2D and 3D Cubes with the same or different photos on their faces. Lots of different cube styles included.
Also the Box actions let you create software boxes very easily.

Filmstrip Effects:

filmstrips If you want to show off your photos, this is a must-have! The product contains dozens of amazing classic and special filmstrip & film roll effects. It includes 3 sets (Flat, Bent, Special).


magazines These actions create a wide variety of elegant mockups of hardback and softback books, brochures, spiral pads, vinyl records, DVDs, etc. You can customize the mockup size and easily place your own artwork. This product contains 7 different sets (Hardback books, Softback books, Magazines, Brochures, Open books, Spiral bound pads, Vinyl Records & DVDs).

Photo Corners - Slits:

slits Beauty is in the details; even a dull photo can stand out, when processed with these very sophisticated actions. With the hit of a button, your photos will look mounted onto the digital background through beautiful slits! Dozens of effects included.

Puzzle Effects:

puzzles This is one of our most popular products. With these actions you will transform your photos into jigsaw puzzles with up to 210 pieces! Create dozens of different 2D and 3D puzzles, using the 'Classic' and the 'Special' sets of effects.


retro Can you make your photo look 100 years old? Add creative frames and edge effects? Apply color-processing effects? These actions let you do any of them, or all of them, producing beautiful, romantic results.


Full Photoshop version: Full Elements version:
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European Union customers: your country's VAT will be applied during checkout. VIES registered EU companies are exempt from VAT.

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As a long-time professional Photoshop user (23 years) I am not a huge fan of off-the-shelf plug-ins. So I admit to having been rather dubious about the possible use of these plug-ins. I was prepared to pay the money for a rare occasion that I might use them but that was about it. I was wrong. The developer has really put some work in on these plug-ins and it shows. On the few occasions when I was struggling (to get the plug-ins to do something beyond what they were meant to do…!) I received fast, courteous and intelligent feedback. I have already used these plug-in on several projects where they have delivered subtle and commercially useful results. These plug-ins can be easily used by novices to produce fast, effective results. Dig a little deeper and you can produce very classy results indeed. Respect must be earned; I gladly give mine.
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  • Harry 2018/02/14
    Totally agree with you.

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Amazing value for money!

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