Complete Bundle v.2022.2

The Complete Bundle contains the entire collection of PanosFX products offered at a 55% discount.

Bonus: 4 exclusive products.

PC & Mac
Photoshop (max: CC 24.0.1, min: CS3)
Photoshop Elements (max: 2023, min: 15)


v.2022.2 (Aug 30, 2022): includes the new "Ring Frames" and the updated "Jigsaw Puzzles"

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Detailed description:

The Complete Bundle contains the entire collection of PanosFX products offered at a 55% discount on their total cost. In addition, you get 4 bonus products that are not sold separately:


Cartoons and Pop Art
Crystal Balls and Bubbles
Engrave and Sketch
Impossible Photos
Jigsaw Puzzles
Ring Frames
Vector Paintings
Big Pictures
Magic touch
Photo Corners-Slits

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Upgrade policy:

If you own a previous version of the Complete Bundle and you wish to upgrade to the latest edition, you get the following discounts:

  • Extra 50% off if you purchased the bundle between 1 and 2 years ago: [59.50 29.75 EUR]   [62.50 31.25 USD]
  • Extra 30% off if you purchased the bundle between 2 and 3 years ago: [59.50 41.65 EUR]   [62.50 43.75 USD]

To receive the discount code, please send a request using the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the site pages.

Contents of current edition:

The current edition of the Complete Bundle contains the following products (listed alphabetically):

Cartoons and Pop Art photoshop actions

Cartoons and Pop Art

Convert your photos into cartoons of unprecedented quality! 3 different renditions; 18 vector balloons; 8 pop-art backgrounds; 2 pop art collages.

Crystal ball Photoshop actions

Crystal Balls & Bubbles

Transform the entire photo, or a selection of the photo into a crystal sphere. Includes a wide range of tools to spice up your creations. Bonus: the "Sparkles and flares" brushes!

SKETCH & ENGRAVE Photoshop actions

Engrave & Sketch

The 'Engrave and Sketch' Photoshop actions convert your photos into sketches (black and white or color), or engravings, with unmatched contrast and beautiful details!

Filmstrips Photoshop actions


If you want to show off your photos, this is a must-have! The product contains 54 actions that create amazing classic and special filmstrip effects.

Impossible Photos Photoshop actions

Impossible Photos

Transform your photos into optical illusions using a variety of the so-called “impossible objects” (triangles, rectangles, pentagons, hearts, staircases).

Jigsaw Puzzles Photoshop actions

Jigsaw Puzzles

The ultimate Jigsaw Puzzles Photoshop add-on: create a wide range of static & animated, 2D & 3D, classic and special puzzles, with up to 360 detachable pieces!

Mockups Collection Photoshop actions


A bundle of mockup-making Photoshop actions. Create dozens of different softback and hardback books, magazines, spiral bound and wirebound pads, brochures, cubes, CDs, DVS!

Ring frames Photoshop actions

Ring Frames

Free for the owners of the Complete Bundle!

Showcase your photos through very classy, static and animated circular photo frames!

Vector Paintings Photoshop actions

Vector Paintings

Transform your photos into a beautiful vector paintings that can be resized freely, without losing quality. Create and print artistic posters, T-shirt artwork, etc.

Plus: 4 Exclusive add-ons at no cost!

You also get the following products for free (they are not sold separately):

Big Pictures Photoshop actions

Big Pictures

This is a bundle of two sets:
• The 'Big Pictures' actions create 28 polaroid collage effects.
• The 'Image Merger' actions let you stitch different photos, in columns, rows, or in a grid.

Magic touch face retouching Photoshop actions

Magic Touch

Incredibly powerful skin retouching tool, which uses very advanced techniques to soften the skin, fade out spots, marks, and wrinkles while preserving the skin texture.

Photo Corners Slits Photoshop actions

Photo Corners Slits

Even your ordinary photos will stand out when you process them with the 'Photo Corners - Slits' effects! The actions make a photo look mounted onto any background, through beautiful slits. 

Retro Photoshop actions

Retro effects & frames

Add 17 retro frames to your photos; apply 12 cross-processing color effects; add 3 edge effects; apply 7 impressive ageing filters. You'll give a distinctive, nostalgic look to your photos, making them look old and precious!


The PDF user guides and video tutorials are available on the product documentation pages.
With a little extra money, instead of one product you can get the entire collection of PanosFX add-ons!

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