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Convert text & shapes to stitched graphics.

  • Photoshop CC, CSx
  • Intermediate


This video tutorial demonstrates how to turn any text or shape into a cotton thread that appears hand-sewn onto denim fabric. You'll also learn to transform your text into a linen patch and stitch it onto the fabric.

  • Achieve excellent results.
  • Explore various patterns and create diverse effects like stitched leather, and more.
  • Convert vector shapes into stitched patches as well.

Download the pattern file:

Before starting the video, download, unzip and install the free denim pattern I created for you. To install the pattern, read the instructions to the right.

download blue jeans pattern

How to install the pattern in Photoshop:

Photoshop CC:

If you have Photoshop CC, go to 'Window > Patterns' in the main menu to open the Patterns panel. Click the menu button in the panel's upper right corner, and choose 'Import Patterns' to load the pattern file from your hard disk.

Photoshop CSx:

Choose 'Edit > (Presets) > Preset Manager' from the main menu. In the Preset Manager window, select 'Patterns' from the dropdown list, and load the pattern file from your hard disk.

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