Adobe removes 3D from Photoshop: changes to our add-ons

On August 17, 2021, Adobe announced that they were beginning the process of discontinuing Photoshop's 3D features, due to 'technical reasons'. You can read the announcement on this page:

Adobe provided no further information regarding to how long this transitional period will last. I decided to make certain changes immediately:

Changes to the PanosFX add-ons that included 3D effects:

Commercial add-ons:

  • The 3D Puzzles have been discontinued. They were included in the "Jigsaw Puzzles" bundle, which now contains the "2D Puzzles" and the "Animated Puzzles" effects.
  • The "3D Cubes" and the "3D Books" have been discontinued. They were part of the "Mockups" bundle, which now contains the "2D Books" (Softback, Hardback, Magazine), the "Brochures", the "2D Cubes", the "Spiral Bound pads", the "Vinyl Records & DVDs" and the "Software box" actions.

Note: if you own Photoshop CS6 Extended and you buy the "Jigsaw Puzzles" and/or the "Mockups" products, you can ask to receive the legacy (CS6) version of the 3D actions.

Free add-ons:

The following free 3D add-ons have been discontinued:

  • The "3D Coin".
  • The "3D Flags and Curtains".
  • The "3D Bars and Tiles" actions. You can still download the "Bars and Tiles" set, which contains the 2D version of the actions.


With a little extra money, instead of one product you can get the entire collection of PanosFX add-ons!

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